How to Activate Mcafee Account

Mcafee activate at is simple through online and offline process. Just follow 3 steps. 1. Enter activation code. 2. Log in and 3. Protect Device. while purchasing retail card you get your activation code and while purchasing it online you get activation code on you mail id.

Mcafee antivirus which detects and blocks, malware, Trojans and cyber threats. Mcafee activate has come up with the solutions that offer high security protection andit keeps running in the background. It also ensures that your data stored on the device, software and applications running on the computer stay absolutely secure.

Steps to Download Mcafee Account

Mcafee is great antivirus program which is use to secure your pc/laptop and it also involves MCafee life safe, Mcafee plus and Mcafee total protection. The steps to download the mcafee activate is given below.

1. Open a web browser and go to the link which is shown on your retail card such as
2. And then, go to the product page and select the mcafee product that you want to install in your device.
3. After this, click on the download button.
4. You will be redirected on mcafee payment page where you need to fill your card details.
5. Once the payment done successfully, mcafee activate download link will be sent to you registered e-mail address.
6. Click on the link and download the mcafee product.
7. The product will be downloaded in download folder in your device.

Steps to Install Mcafee

Installing mcafee is very easy and it can be done with few quick steps. It takes approximately 10 minutes from start to finish. Read the instruction from here – Firstly you need to go on to the first step enter product key from you registered mail id and click on submit button.

Now, you will be asked to log in or sign in your account. If your account is already exist then you will able to log in with your valid email id and password otherwise create one. After log in with valid e-mail id go to my account, select your version of the product from the list. And, Click on the installation button or start download button. Click on run button or save file on your computer. Now you need to wait till downloading process finished.

Steps to Activate Mcafee using Activation Code

To activate the mcafee antivirus you need to enter 25 digit alpha numeric mcafee activation code and for this read the steps mentioned below to make benefits of the mcafee security antivirus.

What is Mcafee 25 Digit Activation Code?

The 25-digit activation code is on the back of McAfee retail card. Scratch on the back of the retail card to see activation code which seems like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx .

Steps to Activate Mcafee Antivirus.

• Go to the start menu of your windows.
• Go to all programs.
• Now, move to McAfee Antivirus.
• Click it to open.
• It will prompt a new window on your screen which asks you to enter product key of your package.
Enter Mcafee 25 digits alpha-numeric product key that was mailed to you by McAfee team after purchasing of the product.
• You can find it on the CD case of McAfee in case you have bought it offline.
• Enter the product key and press "Activate" option.
• It will take some time, and a pop-up alert informs you about the activation of your McAfee product.
• Restart your system.

How to Renew Mcafee Antivirus?

Mcafee antivirus is very well known antivirus software. It provide safe security for your device. There are millions of millions people who use this antivirus. If the costumers want to renew your mcafee antivirus product for best usage because of expiry he or she needs a renewal license. To renew your mcafee antivirus you require to follow these steps.

Steps to Renew Mcafee Activate

First visit the and click on my account. Click on the product in the list of the options.Enter your registered e-mail address and password. After that, click on login. Click on my account and then select subscription. Click on renew for anmcafee security service.Makesure you should follow all the instruction carefully. If required enter the billing details.

Troubleshooting while Downloading

Mcafee antivirus being used globally and it's provide high security for such devices windows, mac, IOS and android with advance features. It is possible you will face mcafee errors while downloading, installing or even preforming any action. For that many of errors can be fixed only by performing a troubleshooting steps to fix the errors.

Cause of Mcafee Installation Incomplete error

1. Mcafee activation code is incorrect.
2. Poor or no internet connection.
3. Already have another version mcafee antivirus.
4. Incorrect mcafee account login details.

Method to Solve Mcafee Activate Troubles

Case 1:
1. Open your internet browser and search the download for pre-install tool.
2. Download and save the file at desktop.
3. Double-click and pre-install tool file extension.
4. You will be required for agreement and license page.Read agreement carefully or click ok to stop ahead .
5. After tool is installed completely restart your computer.

Case 2:
1. First and foremost, you need to command as administrator.
2. Click on the windows icon and type cmd.exe in the search bar.
3. over the icon, click right and from the menu displayed, choose Run as administrator option
4. You are required to, type '' net user administrator /activate or yes and click enter.
5. Now, shut the command prompt and press CTRL+ALT+ DEL Key altogether
6. Select the log out or sign out button for exit safety.

Case 3:
1. Try to download the antivirus again, reinstall it and wait while the process is undergoing.
2. If your attempt to download McAfee fails again, restart your system and try downloading the security software from another website or visit the link -
3. Once done with the downloading or installing, restart your PC.